Floida Engineering Services is a multi-disciplinary engineering services company geared towards the provision of innovative solutions for the aerospace and defence industries. Cutting-edge radar and sensor technologies for use in electronic warfare and secure defence communications are researched and developed locally by Floida and marketed throughout the world. 


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Floida Engineering Services was set up as a response to the challenge of transformation in the defence sector. By fostering the ingenuity and talents of young engineers, Floida aims to cultivate long-term change in the South African defence landscape with particular emphasis on historically disadvantaged individuals (HDls) as well as a strong focus on females. FloIda’s specific approach towards the advancement of defence technologies through research and development intends to set South African innovations ahead by honing local engineering skills and capabilities.



To become the engineering services enterprise of choice in the Aerospace and Defence and Communications sectors nationally, regionally and internationally by offering competitive, innovation-driven solutions for the 21st century.