As an innovation hub, FloIda Engineering Services offers a product and services model that is both holistic and deliberate. From researching and developing world-class technologies to meet today’s security and defence needs, to testing, analysing and maintaining these systems – our offering is designed to serve you, the customer.


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  • Radar Control & Display
  • Radar Software Signal Processor
  • Radar Digital Front end
  • Software Defined Radar Sub-systems


Testing services

  • Radar Cross-Section Facilities

  • Radar Analysis Tools

  • Radar Upgrades

  • Radar Consoles



Innovation support

  • Business Growth Models

  • Market Growth Strategies

  • Market Orientation Strategies

  • Innovation Strategies


 Business Development

  • Business Development Strategies

  • Market Development Strategies

  • Business Competitive Strategies

  • Market Integration Strategies

  • Business Transformation Tools



  • System Engineering Services

  • Programme Management Services

  • System and Subsystem Integration Services

  • Maintenance Services